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As you can see, here is the new Psycho Proverb Zone in front of your eyes, with all new layout style and various types of new services added including featured author of the week, thematical pages that offers you insight into particular subject matters, and posting of previous issue of the Psycho Proverb newsletter. In the new layout, you'll find that searching for proverbs is much easier than before and hopefully navigation links have been consolidated into more logical clusters. The site has finally gone SQL-based, meaning that advanced searching options will be very easy to implement. Also notice that you can now click on the author's name to search for all proverbs by that particular author.

Now, beyond this new layout, I also want to talk briefly about why I constructed this website in the first place. Many of you know there are brief lapses in your lifetime where you just feel extremely depressed or crushed by outside power, whether Orchid Flowers it's a crack in relationships, injuries, bad grades, or an sudden feeling of lonliness which you cannot describe. Often, I find that reading insightful and inspirational proverbs really can make the difference in these situations, however small the effect may be. Perhaps you'll discover the reason behind your unhappiness, or you might learn about another possible route to try in your quest to regain your self-esteem, confidence, and love for yourself. My goal is that when visitors leave this site, they can feel a sense of fulfillment along with joy.

Personally I have just been through a lengthy period of depression where everything around me seems dark and senseless; in my room I feel isolated and not cared for, not to mention an urge to shed some tears. I hereby would like to thank close friends for their willingness to talk me through the dark moments in my life. You know who you are, and I am forever in your debt. I wouldn't have been able to stand back up and renovate this site if it wasn't for all your care and love. Furthermore, I want to give a special token of thanks to Steven Lin, a very special friend of mine. Thank you, Steven, for all the extremely powerful and inspirational proverbs. They're amazing!

While I am at this topic, I also want to extend a warm thank you to all the loyal visitors and contributors to this website; without your help and support, I wouldn't have the courage and energy to continue expanding this site into what it has become today. Hopefully you will keep coming back for more and give me tons of suggestion about how to improve my site. If you want me to know you better, please don't hesitate to sign my guestbook and tell me a little bit about yourself; on the Internet there is no such thing as separation by distance -- the only thing is whether you have the heart to meet friends.

With this, I leave you with my personal favorite by Emily H. Sell and hope you will enjoy my presentation to you about proverbs and quotations: "Love is a force that connects us to every strand of the universe, an unconditional state that characterizes human nature, a form of knowledge that is always there for us if only we can open ourselves to it."

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