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The dying, the cripple, the mental, the unwanted, the unloved -- they are Jesus in disguise.
-- Mother Teresa

The easiest way to commit suicide is to take gas or step on it.

The easiest way to get a teenage boy to be quiet is to ask him where he's been when he gets home.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.
-- Winston Churchill

The end is near, but we shall move on.
-- Bernard Yen

The end of wisdom is to dream high enough to lose the dream in the seeking of it.
-- William Faulkner

The essential sadness is to go through life without loving. But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you loved that you love them.

The excuse for missing homework used to be "the dog ate it". Now it's "the disk was erased".

The expression often used by Mr. Herbert Spencer of the Survival of the Fittest is more accurate, and is sometimes equally convenient.
-- Charles Darwin

The fabric of a mighty state, which has been reared by the labours of successive ages, could not be overturned by the misfortune of a single day, if the fatal power of the imagination did not exaggerate the real measure of the calamity.
-- Edward Gibbon

The fellow who is deeply in love with himself should get a divorce.

The fellow who is fired with enthusiasm for his work is seldom fired by his boss.

The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.
-- Abbie Hoffman

The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell.
-- Andrew Carnegie

The frist thing a child learns when he gets a drum is that he's never going to get another one.

The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge.
-- Albert Einstein

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

The future holds something in store for the individual who keeps faith in it.

The future will be better tomorrow.
-- Dan Quayle

The gap between enthusiasm and indifference is filled with failures.

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