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Life is a dark walking game which you walk without torch but with your team members. We do not know when we will collapse ,we do not know where there is a pit. It is similar to that we can not understand what will happen in the coming days. So, every step should be taken with a clear and careful mind. There are ups and downs for us in our journey. We should face those problems bravely, squarely and share our happiness with our team members, our friends. In our journey, we should offer help and love to our team members. At the same time, our members may do the same to us. On the way, we cannot abandon the chance for us to walk but instead with determination and perseverance we shall finish our walk -- life.

Life should be treated as a picture. We should draw and paint it colorfully.

Nobody knows what will happen in the next second -- we can only strive for our best in this moment. In my mind, if friendship, family, and love are not there, there is no support or encouragement.

Tear is a powerful weapon that can change the future of oneself or even the world. People living in the war, they cry. People love someone, they cry. Through crying, people can express their feeling and their mind.

The one you love is the one you treasure, care, and share. Treasure this miracle, care this love, and share this experience.

The process of life is similar to climbing cliff; the processing of life is similar to swimming; the processing of life is similar to running. If we want to have good results, the main attitude is having perserverance and determination. We should set up a goal and use the methods to achieve our objective.

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