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A positive mental attitude combined with definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all worthwhile acheivement.

Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.

Every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit!

Most people wish for riches, but few people provide the definite plan and burning desire which pave the road to wealth.

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another.

People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure and have what they believe to be air-tight alibis to explain their own lack of achievement.

Persistence is to the character of man what carbon is to steel.

Success comes to those who become success conscience. Failure comes to those who indifferntly allow themselves to become failure conscience.

Success requires no explanations. Failure permits no alibis.

Take inventory of yourself, see if any remnants of fear are standing in your way. Then you may grow. . .because nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand in your way.

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.

You need to recognize and sweep aside certain weaknesses which stand between you and your goals. Your persistence develops into a respected, proved, progressive power.

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