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A groundless rumor often covers a lot of ground.

A lot of people seem to have RUMORTISM.

A rumor is like a check -- never endorse it till you're sure it's genuine.

All rumors should be fitted with girdles to keep them from spreading.

It's easier to float a rumor than to sink one.

Some people will believe anything if you tell them it's a rumor.

There are no idle rumors. They are all busy.

There is nothing as effective as a bunch of facts to spoil a good rumor.

There is nothing busier than a so-called idle rumor.

There's a new margarine on the market named RUMOR -- because it spreads so easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, an unfounded rumor isn't one that is lost.

We still can't understand how rumors without a leg to stand on get around so fast.

Whenever we fan the flames of a rumor, we're likely to get burned ourselves.

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